Being (a) Patient: A Moment of Gratitude

When you have been through as many dental consults as I have (six periodontal, four prosthodontic and two orthodontic) and several months of procedures with an oral surgeon, you can get pretty tired of going to dentists’ offices, especially when the actual dental reconstruction work hasn’t started yet.  It begins to feel endless before you even begin.  Then the blessing comes.

I had to have my broken bicuspid bonded in order to be able to have a brace put on it.  The entire front was missing. I am going to be in braces for over a year. So my prostho didn’t want to put a temporary crown on it for that long.  When he said he was going to bond it, I figured it would like a patch, similar to the blob of bonding material my oral surgeon put behind another tooth to save it.

So, you can imagine my surprise when he molded it to look like an actual tooth…  not just a tooth either, MY TOOTH.  I could barely talk when his assistant put the before and after photo up on the monitor. It looked like it had never been broken… like nothing at all had happened to it.  It looked perfect!

I know it’s just one tooth and a temporary solution at that.  I still have a looooooong way to go in this dental reconstruction but it’s hard to express how it good it felt to have that first little step be so beautiful!  I felt a little bit more like myself than I have in a long time.  Even with my appliance in, I felt uncomfortable smiling wide because I knew my broken tooth would still show.  Thursday night, I wore the widest, brightest (had a cleaning too) smile that I have had in almost six months when I showed his work to my family.

I knew the prosthodontist I had chosen was an artist.  …I can always spot one a mile away.  I wasn’t worried about whether he could do the work but it is awfully nice to see proof that I was right in my own mouth!

What was your big moment of gratitude this week?

Love and blessings to all.



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6 thoughts on “Being (a) Patient: A Moment of Gratitude

  1. Christine Corry

    Cynthia, that is so great news! I’m so happy that you are getting your happiness back one tooth at a time! Soon, very soon you will be your old beautiful self! Absolutely awesome…

  2. MaryEllen

    I tried your Brussel Sprout recipe…except I cooked them on top of the stove rather than the oven. Our temps are still getting up into the high 90s here in Northern Utah so chose not to heat up the oven. I was very favorably impressed. I think it made a big different to cut off the stem end then split the little suckers in half. Didn’t find any unwanted critters…LOL. I’ll definitely make them again.

    1. Cynthia Lenz Post author

      Awesome! I agree. I think just cutting them makes a big difference in cutting back on the bitterness usually associated with brussel sprouts. Thanks for sharing your experience MaryEllen!


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