Ah Spring…I Can Dream About You… If I Can’t Behold You Tonight

One more article, newscast, blog post or Facebook comment complaining about snow or record cold and you’ll barf, right?  So, I will spare you.  (You’re welcome!)  Let us focus on what we do want, Spring!

Why do I want Spring?  Well, aside from the warmer weather, of course, FLOWERS!  I’m jonesing to get my hands in the dirt, man! So, in the meantime,  I dream and plan…a little, but mostly dream.  One choice I have made this year is to direct sow seeds for most of my flowers.  I am also using heirloom seeds.  (Ooooh, two decisions, …hmmm, maybe I am a planner?)

Direct sowing requires faith.  It’s so much easier to go to the nursery  and pluck the healthiest looking plants already in bloom.  So, why bother growing from seed?  You have  to wait weeks for anything to happen.  Then when the seedlings come up; It can be hard to tell at first if it is your flower or a weed.

Direct sowing does have a number of advantages.  Variety is a big one.  You can order way more varieties of a flower if you go for seeds , rather than live plants.  The company I ordered from had 22 different morning glories alone.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have flowers in your garden that are different than same ones you see at every other house on  the block?  Another plus is you know where, how and what your plants were grown in.  You can avoid gmos, pesticides and other chemicals if you wish. Direct sowing is also kinder to the earth because there are no plastic cel paks or pots.  One paper envelope of seeds has the potential to provide 50-250 plants. And this also means it’s A LOT cheaper!

Most importantly, you get to see your little seed turn into a beautiful flower.  It’s a very satisfying reminder in a world of instant gratification that life can be astonishingly beautiful when you put time, nurturing and love into it.

Here’s what I am planting this year.  I picked them all because they are known to do well when sown directly into the ground in Spring.  (No messing with starting seeds indoors for this gal!)

  1. Love-In-A-Mist
  2. Sweet Pea Flora Norton
  3. Sweet Peas Old Spice
  4. Sweet Pea Painted Lady
  5. Morning Glory Sunrise Serenade
  6. Morning Glory Rose Feather
  7. Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
  8. Moon Flower
  9. Zinnia Royal Purple
  10. Bonbon Zinnia
  11. Zinnia Miss Willmont
  12. Pansy Orange Sun
  13. Pansy Swiss Giants
  14. Pansy Historic Florist Mix
  15. Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix
  16. English Daisy Rose Ball
  17. Marigold Petite Mix
  18. Marigold Brigade Mix
  19. Poppy Purple Peony
  20. Poppy Ballerina Double Mix
  21. Cosmos Sensation Mix
  22. Calendula Orange King
  23. Bachelor’s Button Frosted Queen Mix
  24. Bachelor’s Button Blue Boy
  25. Zinnia Button Box
  26. And Several different Hollyhocks (I ordered them separately.  They haven’t arrived yet.)

Have you ever direct sown seeds?  I would love to hear from you.

Love and Blessings to All,



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6 thoughts on “Ah Spring…I Can Dream About You… If I Can’t Behold You Tonight

  1. jim ryan

    Hi Cynthia,
    I grow zinnias from seed every year. I make furrows about an inch deep and spread the seeds and gently cover them over with soil. I transplant them when they are about an inch high. I usually get about 60 or so plants. I like the tall ones. We have fresh cut flowers in our house from Summer right through Fall. The colors are so vibrant and varied; I can’t wait to get started.
    Be Well,

    1. Cynthia Lenz Post author

      Thanks for sharing your gardening experience, Jim. It must be wonderful to see your own flowers brightening up the inside of the house all year long… and think of the money you save too!

  2. Roberta Falco

    For the past few years my little guy, now six, and I plant sunflowers. I too agree that in a world of such immediate gratification it is a blessing to wait and watch the journey instead of arriving immediately at ones destination. To see a young child’s wonder and amazement when his seedling begins to grow and flourish is truly special. It is also a tremendous amount of accomplishment for him to see that his contributions, I.e. watering daily and talking to his seedling pays off with such a big, beautiful blooming flower. Enjoy your garden Cynthia.

    1. Cynthia Lenz Post author

      What a great idea Roberta! Gardening is like magic when you are young. Actually, it still seems magical to me. You are creating such memories with your little man while your sunflowers grow!

  3. Jodi

    I do sometimes grow from seed, there is great satisfaction in that. I especially like sprouting edible seeds on my in my kitchen counter, even during winter. You are so right about about gardening being magical. But I must confess I usually buy plants already started for my garden because of the short growing season for annual flowers here in Connecticut. But one of my greatest memories is in my Grandmother’s garden in Brooklyn, NY (yes, more than trees grow in Brooklyn). We would go out most everyday and pick seeds from the 4 o’clock plants, and watch the flowers open. We would then use those seeds to plant the next years garden. I used to get so excited waiting to find out what color flower each plant would produce. Looks like you made some beautiful choices.

    1. Cynthia Lenz Post author

      Thanks Jodi! I’m excited. I love your story about the Four O’ Clocks in your grandmother’s garden. That must have been magical watching the flowers open.


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