My First Blog Post: A New Beginning …

May I just say, starting a new blog is a little intimidating!  My mind is swirling with so many thoughts: 1. Will anyone read it?  2. If they do…will they like it?  3. And the most frightening thought of all: What should my first post be about?  Hmmmm…

Then I came across this quote:

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings…

Meister Eckhart

So, that’s what my first blog post is about: A new beginning!  What could be more appropriate?

Cynthia Lenz’s Naturally Healthy and Happy Blog is a new beginning for me in so many ways.  Starting this blog today begins a new life purpose for me… but please allow me to back up for a moment and tell you about some recent endings.

Like so many people who lived along the waterfront in the Northeastern U.S, my home was flooded by Hurricane Sandy.  Thankfully, I had a warm, safe place to go and stay with family; where I currently still reside.  Then in December, after six plus years, I decided to close my business, Chickyrhumba.  It was an emotional decision but selling my handmade jewelry has been a struggle in the current economy.  So, suffice it to say, selling it, wasn’t nearly as joyous as making it.  Although I still really love making jewelry, I feel called to a higher purpose which is helping people get fit, happy and healthy in a natural way.  And this blog is where I shall begin.  Thank you for joining me!

So, what can you expect to see here on weekly basis?  Essentially, all things in regard to health, happiness and living more closely aligned with nature (have I mentioned I can be very literal sometimes?) If you are a girly girl or a metro-sexual male, don’t worry!  I won’t be writing odes to living on a hippie commune or coming up with little ditties on and when not to flush the toilet to save water.

Life is about growth, not perfection.  I will be sharing information I have found over the years on how to feel great, look great, be kind, eat well and take better care of Mama Earth while you take care of yourself.  We’ll be getting into all the different facets of wellness in the weeks, months and hopefully years to come.  From time to time, I’ll include some of my own struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as, the solutions I have found to alleviate it over the last twenty plus years.   And, of course, there will be much MUCH more but let’s keep a little mystery for now, shall we?

Thank you for reading my first blog post.  I appreciate your time and would love to hear from you as this journey continues.  What would you like to get started? Let me know what you plan to begin and about the magic comes from it.

Love and Blessings to all,


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24 thoughts on “My First Blog Post: A New Beginning …

  1. Sylvia Ligorio

    Your awesome! you always have been. I am so blessed your in my life again. I missed you and happy your back. I loved your blog and I will be a faithful reader. Keep it up, when you give to others trust me Gos blessed you beyond what you can ever imagine. Love you much!! all the best!!!

  2. Jodi

    I really like your writing style & the length of the blog. I think it is going to do great. I wish you MUCH success. I signed up and look forward to reading more.

  3. jim ryan

    Nice job Cynthia. I look forward to your words in the weeks to come. “Follow your bliss. Doors will open that you didn’t even know existed.” a quote from Joseph Campbell.

  4. missy

    Hi Cynthia!
    Congrats and good luck! I have your very first question as a follower. Hope I’m not jumping the gun: My friend’s personal trainer told her that tofu is not good for people trying to lose weight. My vegetarian boyfriend says that’s not true. Have you ever heard anything in either favor?

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Missy, Thank you!

      Great question! Tofu is an excellent source of veg protein and there are low fat varieties available. Regular tofu is quite hign in fat, roughly equivilant to that of animal protein of the same weight. HOWEVER, it is much more nutritious because it is lower in overall calories and higher in calcium than animal protein. So, as long as one is using it as a replacement for animal protein in modest portions then it is effective for weight loss especially when paired with lots of greens and veggies!

  5. sue k

    Great job Cynthia and congratulation on taking the leap. I am really looking forward to reading your blog.

  6. cheryl

    In addition to being a fabulous friend, you are a very intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring woman and your blog reflects all those qualities. I look foward to reading it every week and wish you much success.

  7. Jen Puente

    Congratulations on the blog, Cynthia! It was very heartfelt! I look forward to reading your blog. Much luck and wishes for success in your new endeavor! 😉


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