Naturally Disciplined

Discipline. (Sigh!) Discipline and I have a very, well, undisciplined relationship.  It’s not Discipline’s fault at all!  I take full responsibility.  Discipline is not the one with commitment issues.  It’s all me.

I am conflicted.  I love the idea of daily practices and rituals and see the value in them.  Yet, I also detest the idea of living the same day over and over.  Afterall, what’s natural about practicing, rigidly going through the same steps repeatedly? NOTHING!  Plants don’t need discipline to grow.  The wind doesn’t need discipline to blow.  The rain doesn’t do reps!

Alas, I am not a plant, rain or the wind (…but how cool would that be?)  Growing as a human is more than just physical; we strive to accomplish goals and achieve our passions.  These feats require discipline,  I have accomplished goals in my life, throughout my on again/off again relationship with discipline but I know I can do more.  In fact, I want to do more.

So Discipline… I’m ready to committ finally!  Let’s start with writing, an area I have been particularly lax in lately.  Every day for the month of August, my intention is to put up a new blog post.  This should be interesting, depending on what else is going on.  Some posts might be quite short.  Some may be a trifle too long.  Some might suck!  Maybe some will be helpful and enjoyable.  I hope so.  Time will tell…

Please join Discipline and me for our August adventure.  Check up on us often and see how we are doing.

Many blessings,


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10 thoughts on “Naturally Disciplined

  1. AD

    Go to it! Thirty days has November……..all the rest have 31……… You are definitely going to need some discipline. 🙂

    1. Cynthia Lenz Post author

      Thanks Jod! I really appreciate that. I have never written for 31 days straight before, not even in my journal! It helps to know they will be read. 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Oh! I know this dilemma well! I try to be forgiving with myself about it, but then there’s also that part of me that says ‘buckle down and get on with it!” I’m *considering* doing the one month write every day challenge over at Hoping keeping myself out of the hall of shame will be motivation!

  3. sylvia

    You got this girl! No one likes discipline. But its needed for certain situations. I say change how you view discipline. Look at it as a good thing, might make it easier. But you got it. This i know! You can do it! Blessings


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